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Monday, April 09, 2007

Do I look like an asshole?

This past week, I've been driving the Stang a lot because the truck is overdue for an oil change I haven't gotten around to arranging...and hey, the weather has been gorgeous! This afternoon I dug down between the console and the pax seat and pulled out a SVTOA flier that some fellow Cobra owner had thrust upon me while I was stopped in traffic a few years ago. I finally threw the flier away today, thinking "Why would I want to hang around a bunch of other car owners?" Why would they want to hang around the owner of the dustiest ragtop in town?

As I was cruising up Kolb on the way to Home Depot, a white Cobra with smoked headlight covers pulled up behind me at a red light and made all the revving noises that must substitute for a handshake among SVT owners. I let it pass me and traded a smile for the Snake Driver's upraised thumb, then watched him pull away and proceed to drive like a total asshole, tailgating and zigging around multiple lanes. Yeah, thumbs up to you too, buddy!

I've now been driving muscle cars for 20 years and while I may drive like an asshole every now and then, I've never done it to challenge or gain attention from another muscle car driver. Okay, besides racing Jon once or twice.... As for hanging out other muscle car drivers, among my closest friends, my Stang is bested by a Camaro for horsepower and a Trans Am 6.6 for cool factor. But we never sit around talking about how cool our cars are.


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