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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Set Phasers to "Fun!"

No, I'm not beating Gorn ass for the amusement of powerful aliens, I'm rescuing Bubba! Again!

The stage actually combined the "Forrest Gump" stage from last year with Jim Brown's charge during the "The Dirty Dozen."

The 2011 AZ State Sub-Gun Match would have been much more fun if my UZI worked right, but I got to play wearing shorts in the sun while those back East are under snowfall.

Jon won the Semi-Auto Division, and doing so with an AR, won an upper and lower AR kit from Sun Devil Manufacturing.

Rio Salado Sportsmen's Club did a great job giving us challenging shooting problems. Many thanks to the match sponsors, especially 5.11 Tactical, who replaced my sweat-stained 5.11 cap with a nice 9-11 Commemorative version. The Compleat List o' Sponsors:

Accuracy Speaks Gunsmithing
Admiral Products
Dillon Precision Products, Inc
Emering Tactical Solutions
5.11 Tactical
Lage Manufacturing
Merchant Firearms
Northern Arizona Munitions
Predator Tactical
Quentin Defense
Rio Salado Sportsmans Club
RTG International Surplus Parts
United Nations Ammo Company

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