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Thursday, October 06, 2011

"Always" Redux

The next movie in my production queue, "Top Shot Audition," won't be ready to premiere tomorrow night at the First Friday Shorts, so I plan to show the re-edit of my Advanced Video capstone movie "Always," starring Rachel Santay. At 7 and a half minutes, it's serious gong-bait, considering the late-night Loft audience usually has a short attention span and somewhat baser taste than a completely mostly sober audience. Wish me a broken leg!

In case those of you have who've seen the original are wondering, I trimmed 30 seconds out of the range montage sequence and reordered some of the action during the shooty-stabby part. Damn, I feel like George Lucas. Stop me before I edit this again!

UPDATE: The Review Here.

I was a little disappointed that the reviewer didn't catch that Lita lost her husband Gary in a separate accident months before losing her mother to her estranged psycho step-father Rick (wonderfully played by my buddy Jon), but that's what I get for having so much exposition in dialogue and not on screen. Still, over-all a good review, so I move on.

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  • At 4:35 PM, Blogger AlanDP said…

    Wow. How is she gonna explain to the cops how he was shot from the front and stabbed from the back simultaneously?


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