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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Orientation

Other than trying my smaller (compared to now) menagerie of things-that-go-boom back when we were stationed together in west Texas, the only funsticks Frank ever got to try were the M-16A2 (with no optics) and the M-9 pistol supplied by the USMC. He was rather alarmed by the GLOCK's lack of a manual safety and glad the Corps didn't adopt them. I guess he'd know the general ability of a young boot to avoid shooting himself when the only safety is directly on the trigger.

Radio Battalion Marines shoot a plain jane iron-sighted M-16 for annual qualification, so Frank was amazed at what optics can do for the shooter. He really liked the unmagnified Trijicon Reflex II on my light-weight Bushy.

Ossified by three decades of USMC training, Frank refused to try the fore-grip on the POFmeister. I was a bit embarrassed that we only put 50 rounds through it before calling it quits. I found the other 50-round box after we'd dismantled our target stand.

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