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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Opening Night

Tonight the AdCine feature "Byline" premiered at the Pima Community College Proscenium Theater. Most of the "stars" were there, including this glamorous bunch, who incidentally got as much applause during the closing credits as any of the humans. Yes, this is motion picture school... NOBODY budges while the credits are rolling.

It was also the first night of the Student Showcase, where proud entries from the Video, Film, and Film Animation classes entertained the audience, consisting mostly of students, friends, family, faculty, and casts. I wonder whether the Doritos commercial came from the Commercial Production class or Doritos... it was that good. Update: It was the work of wizard cinematographer Nick Murray, who is now in contention for a National ADDY award after winning the Gold at local and state levels.

Of course, the event was a great time to schmooze with classmates, some of whom will graduate this year and maybe move to Hollywood... or into a van down by the river. You never know in this business.

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