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Thursday, August 12, 2010


I've encountered a lot of coincidences in my travels, and some of those coincidences were encounters. This week's meeting takes the cake for randomness. I'd stopped into an I-40 McD's about 58 miles east of Memphis TN for a bite, a large coffee, and some free Wi-Fi. I was nursing my large caffeine and catching up on FaceBook when I thought I spotted my old tech school boss coming in with a young lady and heading for the rest rooms. He'd retired as a Chief Master Sergeant and had recently updated his FB profile, so I wasn't thrown off by his headful of blond curls. When they came out and started heading over to order, it took a few shouts to convince him I wasn't a crazy, old, scruffy guy jabbering into a BlueTooth headset.

Turns out he and his daughter were headed from the Left Coast to Nashville, then to New York State, so if they hadn't stopped at Nashville, I might have run into them again on my way to Hooftytown PA.

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