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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Studnut Report

Yay! May is here! Spring semester is winding down and for most of my "finals," the hard work is behind me. Our two Post-Production movies, Apprehension and Arizona Chainsaw Massacre, are being scored by musicians at the moment, as is my Always Advanced Video project. The most rewarding (and time-consuming) aspect of the semester was working on my classmates' productions. Besides serving as Armorer for three productions, I was Director of Photography for one classmate, 2nd Unit Director and cameraman for another, and grip/boom operator for another. I ought to get producer credit for a few of these for which I provided lights and mics.

I'll be surprised to get better than a B in Advanced Screenwriting.

Oh, yeah, I ought to squeak out an A in JPN101 too!

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