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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost Like a New Gun

It looks like my BAG Day Gun was actually that blank-firing .45 replica. To make up for that hollow feeling, I converted my old AK-braked Bushy to a virtually new gun by finally mounting my VLTOR butt stock onto something and fixing the Nordic Component +18 mag extension (Thanks, Jon!) to a Magpul PMAG. Then, without ever test-firing it, I brought it to the Cactus Match and took second place out of a field of 10 carbine shooters.

The buffer tube is Colt mil-spec (required for the VLTOR), with a DPMS carbine spring and buffer.

I'd actually test-fired the extension before it failed during the SMM3G... seems to work better when it's not screwed on very tight. Doh.



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