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Monday, December 28, 2009

Xmas Toy Match

The Cactus Match League reserves the Sunday after Christmas for a Non-match Event designed to let folks try out their Xmas toys on the League's targets in the open bays of the Practical Shooting range (thereby bypassing the crowds at the Public Range showing up for the same purpose). Bay C was set up to shoot from a firing line and consisted of reactive steel targets, including some swingers and spinners for folks bringing out .22's. Bay D featured three shooting boxes facing:
a. Arrays of USPSA paper targets, including two no-shoots, plus some steel reactive targets down at the back berm.
b. A Texas Star and three steel popper targets.
c. Three Steel Challenge targets

I didn't bring any Christmas toys, but I did bring the G19 along to work out my rusty trigger finger. When all three shooting boxes were free, I ran the whole bay as a single pistol stage a few times. Jon even ran them multi-gun, but I didn't bring along any long guns myself.

Bob (pictured) brought along the coolest Xmas toy, a '28-vintage 1903 Springfield. Our friend Mike showed up with a nice Egyptian AK (with an uncool thumb-hole stock). I claimed some cool points myself after the others took turns knocking down the steel targets with the AK; the last shooter left two of them standing. I asked Mike for only two rounds and smacked down both of the stragglers the first time I'd ever touched the weapon. Boy, did my head swell.

Jon did some pretty good shootin,' himself.

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  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger Serr8d said…

    OT, but the NYT did a spread on Tucson today, wherein they tried to make Tucson seem more like...NEW YAWK CITY! (with the exception of the 'terrifying' Titan ICBM silo they lingered over...).

    Happy New Year~!


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