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Friday, May 15, 2009

In the Belly of the NRA Beast

Humped the whole Cowboy Blob Production Co. to the Media Center, saw the crowds and decided to hang around with the press corps for a while.  The first face I recognized when I walked in?  Jim Zumbo's!  (Don't worry, I'm not going to drop any more names.  I see some familiar faces, but I can't read their nametags from here.)  

Once I'm re-hydrated, I'll head down and brave the crowds.  The lines are just tremendous.

On thing that struck me yesterday while roaming the floor watching the exhibits set up:  that's the power of the NRA, hundreds of taxpaying businesses (many of them small), thousands of employees (most of them non-union), millions of customers, most of them very skittish about what's going on in Washington right now.  

Denise and Yosemite Sam of the 10 Ring just said "Howdy!"

I'm such a lightweight gunblogger... I didn't attend any of the grassroots seminars, but there's a good reason for that.  There are only two gunny labels on this blog: gunfun and gunfun_NOT.  I leave it to more talented bloggers like Kevin Baker to tackle the heavy political issues.  

Later:  I walked the aisles in my normal thorough gunshow-trained methodology.  Lotsa cool gear, some eye candy showing it off... and R. Lee Ermy at the Glock booth!  More later!

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