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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The BinkerMom Didn't Fall Far from the Tree

Just like her Mom, the Binker was born inconveniently close to Christmas (only less so).

When it was time to open the present from Lil Bro, the BinkerMom told her that since it was wrapped in aluminum foil, it must be a ham and cheese sandwich. I suspect she may have believed that BS for a second or two, then was a good sport about "hamming" it up for a picture.

(I can imagine Mom or Dad making the same joke.)

BinkerMom doesn't spell so well after a hard day at work, so when she said the Binker had a picture of "Lenon" by her bed, I feared that my Baby Sis was trying to raise a freakin' Communist.

I'm still not so sure.

I hear they're taking her to a Beatlemania concert. What a lucky kid.

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