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Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm a baaad team player, blowing off the pre-match pow-wow for the Pima 3rd Saturday Match. That's what they get for scheduling for a rush-hour afternoon on Friday the 13th on a day when I've got a nice bottle of cream sherry to open for dessert. Cowboy Blob rarely eats dessert, but he will drink it.

Terry, the Cactus Match Grand PooBah, told me he's going to recycle some of my old stages for this month (3rd Saturday is right before 4th Sunday, so I'll drive straight from the Pima match to PHX in preparation for the Cactus Match). I've got a couple original stages to send... but should I waste them when only a dozen shooters are going to see them? They're not that original... the object is always to keep the awesome set-up/teardown crew from hating my ass.

Simmons sent me a new scope today! I'll mount it this week and zero it before the next weekend. I wonder if the sharp report from the Cooley muzzle brake didn't knock the reticle loose on the last one? I'll press on with the new one; if the same conditions occur, I'll send that one back and save the replacement for an upper with a standard flash-hider. You'd think a scope made for mounting on a shotgun would be robust.

Of course, I've saving my pennies for a Leupold CQT. Might have to cut back on the weekend cream sherry for that....



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