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Friday, April 18, 2008

How 'Bout Them D-Backs?!

After eating healthy all day and finally refilling my meds, I prepared a treat in anticipation of tonight's Diamondbacks game: microwaved hot wings and cheap but yummy box o' wine. Imagine my disappointment when the game turned out to be one I'd seen yesterday! Before I noticed it was still light in Frisco at 8 pm MST, I began to recognize the banter between the play-by-play announcer and color commentator Mark Grace as a repeat. Still, them Baby Backs are in first place!

My baseball loyalties are more simple than other sports:

Arizona Diamondbacks
Phila. Phillies
Any other NL team
Boston Red Sox
Anybody playing the Yankees

This is a shootin' weekend, so I allow myself some alcohol to ensure I'm not playing Steel Panthers until 4 am any more. Yes, Thursday night counts as a weekend when the match is on Saturday morning.

And Kenya v. Angola is gettin' kinda old. Ya think I'd pick some countries that actually abut each other, huh?



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