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Monday, March 17, 2008

March Cactus League USPSA Match

Haven't shot one of these in ages! Well, the pistol match I mean, but the no-shoot kinda applies, as well. Jon, Bob, and I battled the wintry desert (read: windy) at Ben Avery to do some serious pistol shootin'.

Our first stage was a short two-string classifier. I seriously handicapped my match by scoring a miss and a no-shoot on this "Virginia-count" stage.

Second came a mostly steel stage with real hard hardcover! That steel cactus was a bitch!

Then, let the hosing begin! Our third stage doubled as the rifle side-match and I made the same mistake of double-engaging the same targets on each try.

Stage 4 was a long run, with many no-shoots and a plate rack at the end. I actually shot this with no penalties! The thrice-wacked good-guy pictured was Jon's. :) I took my time to get head-shots on this array; three of my hits were on the far-left B-zone perforation and probably would have penalized me if I'd aimed for the lower A-zone.

Here's some video for ya.



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