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Monday, March 17, 2008

Long Guns Too!

By the time we trotted out the long guns, the wind had picked up such that I didn't feel safe wearing my hat. The wind knocked down a lot of steel before I could start the shotgun stage; it knocked down a popper while I was shooting, so Jon had me fire a round to account for it. The steel that remained after Jon's run wouldn't fall from a dead-center 9-mm hit, so he got credit for it.


Why didn't I top off my damned C-Mag? Arrggggh!! "Cactus never has higher than a 40-round rifle count!" Well, if I'd not re-engaged two targets and not hit the 100-yard steel at the base, instead of the top, I would have finished without reloading. Even iron-sighted Bob beat me!




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