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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Buried Treasure!

I didn't play the Buy Ammo game this week because I've got truck tires and another 2400 miles of gas to pay for, plus refrigerator repair bills (still haven't called; activated the mini-fridge), and I'll probably dish out some smackers to a landscaper soon. Besides that, I bought 200 rounds of 9mm WWB in the Lehighton WalMart. That'll keep the 9AR and Glock19 happy for a while. (The case of Wolf is reserved for the Uzi now.)

Checking up on my long gun ammo supply, I noticed I had plenty of surplus 7.62 and Wolf 5.56...but after three stuck Wolf cases in my new rifle, I'd promised to put BoG2 on a brass-only diet. Rooting around, I came up with only 100 rounds of .223 (some Remmy Green Box dating back before I even owned an AR). After checking my online sources and finding only expensive Wolf brass and underpowered Bosnian M855/ss109 available in bulk, I rummaged deeper into the hermit cave. Score! Okay, the battlepack of British Aerospace 5.56 goes back into the ammo cabinet (along with a box or two of soft-tips), but I turned up 360 rounds of Guatemalan 5.56!! It's like Christmas!

This discovery ought to get me through the Superstition 3-Gun next year, at which time I'll probably join Jon in a switch toward the .30 Thumpers again.

If I'm ever going to try that Four-Day Front Sight course (bringing 600 rounds), I'll have to find a new cheap source or take the Wolf-lovin' Bushie along.



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