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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aw, Sh*t!

How many times have we said/heard that in a match?

By the time I realized that Jon was "air gunning" mighty low prior to shooting "Another One, Terry," the RO was starting the stage... do I yell something??? Great friend that I am, I gritted my teeth and hoped that Jon had a better angle than I did. Oops.

Jon and Karma got me back on the same stage when I took a brain vacation after shooting the pistol part of the two-gun scenario. My uttered epithet was a tad shorter but no less colorful vulgar. Jon would have no other miscues, but the other "Terry" stage would hand me some penalties. Big Bob rounded out our trio... he's still too careful to make stupid mistakes, but careful takes a lot of time. His match film is almost a minute longer than mine; it remains to be seen whether my penalties will wipe away that minute.

Jon's awesomeness

Bob's match

My match



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