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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ator's Caption/Photoshop Contest

The Contest at The Lone Blade Clan

The News Report:

Celebrity polar bear gets death threat

Berlin - Germany's celebrity polar bear cub Knut received an anonymous death threat this week, causing alarm at Berlin Zoo and prompting heightened security.

Top-selling Bild newspaper said the zoo had received a hand-written fax from a suspected animal hater with the words, "Knut is dead! Thursday midday".

But that deadline came and went safely for media star Knut, who has been on newspaper front pages around Germany and the world for weeks. "He is safe and in good spirits," said zoo official Ragnar Kuehne after the time had passed.

As Knut appeared for one of his public appearance on Thursday, about 12 minders in orange jackets and carrying walkie-talkies patrolled the area around his enclosure to keep a close eye on the cub and the crowd of fans.

Just an hour before the death threat expired, an unperturbed Knut rolled around on the ground with his bearded keeper Thomas Doerflein and, as usual, chewed his fingers.

Berlin police said they had investigated a letter containing a threat but did not believe it was serious.



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