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Friday, September 29, 2006

But it Goes to 11!

I wonder how many Spinal Tap fans ADCO could attract by aggressively marketing this feature. Not many, I imagine. Rock music-parody and cheap Chinese firearm optics don't necessarily overlap.

At least I think it's Chinese, though I no longer have the box it came in Found the box: Made in China. That doesn't mean they still are...and the ADCO site doesn't mention a Sino-commie relationship. In fact, the name on my red-dot model, Mirage, is now used for their line of reflex scopes, not EDOTs.

I got this one from the prize table at the Superstition 3-Gun (after my best performance there ever) but I didn't have anything on which to mount it until I got a Mektech carbine, at which time I noticed the red dot was more of a red blob with a faint red artifact 10 o'clock to the dot that's visible under cloudy conditions. I don't know if my example is indicative of one of their early models, or whether it's a factory second that squeaked past quality control. Any ADCO users out there?

I know my friend Jon and I gave our Mektechs a poor review; I wonder if I'd given mine the same 400-round break-in regimen I gave my custom .45 BoG, it may have smoothed out and shot like a champion. Jon actually broke his -- the charging handle almost fell out of the gun. Methinx he got it fixed at his friendly neighborhood gunsmith, but returned his 9-mm lower to holster duty without much more attention to the carbine. Neither of us devoted the time, attention, and ammo to seriously break in the gun. I might have to remedy that today while I test my other project gun (The Gunsafe Queen), which I last fired about 18 years ago.

What a heck of a problem: so many guns, so little time. After this range trip, I might ping the ADCO folks about a fix...this little sight might work well on top of my S&W625. But that's more work, time, and money (need a mount). And does optics on a revolver make it Open class?

Update: My Emails from both Yahoo and Earthlink were rejected by ADCO as SPAM from an IP address I didn't recognize as mine. I guess if you want to complain about their POCCSG, you need to waste a stamp.

Update Update: It looked pretty normal in bright sunlight...maybe I was too harsh.


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