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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


You know, the guy pushing a boulder uphill in Hell. That's's Garbage Day, so that means I get to scratch myself up again making the Yard Nazis happy. If they could only see my back yard. Monsoon rains sure make weeds grow. Thankfully, the tumbleweed crop is a might scant this year. Just like my computer, though, it's a dysfunctional mess that agitates my dominant procrastination gene. Yeah, I know it needs to be done and my quality of life would improve once everthing's shipshape, outdoors and in. But I pour another cup of coffee and open up a few fascinating blogs in the browser. And stare over at the dark Dell monitor..."you could be photoshopping something right now, Mister," it accuses me mutely. Of course, it's mute--all the darn computers in this house and the only one with working sound is the P90!


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