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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Carbine Challenge

There was a low turn-out for the 4th Sunday Practice 3-Gun and since one of the rifle stages was tabled due to lack of props, we decided to shoot pistol carbines on all four stages, as well as in lieu of rifle. Jon's brother Wayne rounded out the PCC Squad as we enjoyed the sunny, breezy day at Ben Avery.

The League used four of my stages for the match. Stage One ("Damned if You Do") was a Pistol/Shotgun stage. T1 became a stationary target and sharp-eyed folks noted that there were eight paper targets, not seven.

Stage Two ("Freedom of Choice") required the shooter to knock down at least six steel targets with pistol before switching to riotgun. Jon elected to save the plate rack for the shotty--this turned out to be a good move.

Stage Three ("Right Face, March") was the only pistol/rifle stage and not a very robust one, at that(only nine rifle targets). I scored several misses on the headshots.

Stage Four ("Run for it") could be shot entirely with riotgun, or you could transition to pistol if you didn't bring any slugs. We brought slugs! I had a great run, but got sloppy with my last slug...and didn't have an extra handy! The closed box was in my pocket. I won't be that cocky any time soon!

We shot the whole match in 2-Gun format, then put the pistols and shotguns away and re-ran the stages with pistol-caliber carbines. Jon with his little Glock-format Kel-Tec cleaned our clocks...Wayne and I both experienced jams in our ARs; fortunately, Wayne's athleticism and practiced speed made up for most of his problems. I just plodded along.

As I was prepping for Stage Four, I noticed the Holosight was very loose. Rather than tighten it, I removed it and shot the stage using the iron sights. I had a jam or two, but my acquisition was pretty good...just not as fast as with the expensive glass.


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