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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Time to Molt!

I hacked off my long hair just before the 3-Gun Match a coupla weeks ago and fortunately didn't need sunscreen much for the back of my neck (though I could feel a light burn from Day One). Now that it's Springtime, I ditched the Grizzly Adams look and trimmed the beard down to a small goatee (smaller than the one shown...think Val Kilmer in Tombstone). (Or Colonel Sanders, if you must.) I'll keep it that way until I get bored, lazy, or the groupies demand a change.

Oh, yeah, I also finally threw out the 24-year-old Sony Trinitron Dust Magnet. Bemember those days before cable when you had to program the channels into the buttons? On this one, one button was stuck on down, so I programmed it for Channel Three and made it my VCR-watching TV. "VCR...what's that, Daddy?" I told you it was collecting dust!


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