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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MMMMeat Loaf

For breakfast! Wondering on what to dump the last of my salsa muy caliente, I decided to make meat loaf this morning. My recipe is based on Mom's, both modern and retro. The retro (just like it was when I was a kid) means that it had to have bacon on it. After us kids moved out, Mom stopped baking meatloaf wrapped in bacon, instead molding it into patties and frying it like hamburger (in Pam). I substituted ground turkey for the beef in her recipe, Egg Beaters for real eggs, horseradish for mustard, and threw some All-Bran in with the oatmeal filler (some folks use corn flakes). Add ketchup and onion flakes and mix. Instead of Pam, I put a slice of thick bacon in the small no-stick frying pan and glopped the mixture on top of it. Burn on both sides and serve. Two other servings went into Tupperware in the freezer, one into the fridge...this is not Meat Loaf Week at Cowboy Blob's Hacienda.

Normally, I put ketchup on Mom's meat loaf, but that's about the spiciest thing in Mom's fridge. I think Sri Racha sauce in going on the next batch!


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