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Friday, February 03, 2006

Lazy Bastard

Afternoon nap attacks, related insomnia, and reluctance to drag my lazy ass to the nearby range have conspired to derail my Range Day plans. So I save eight bucks before the match weekend and will probably have a sucky match performance. I'm not worried about being Cactus Competitive; normally I shoot major Limited and minor (fast) carbine. This weekend, I'm going Heavy Metal with one exception: I put my Tasco ProPoint optics on the SOCOM, even though I won't be using the scope in the big annual Superstition 3-Gun Match in March. I'm doing this to teach myself to shoot over the sights at short ranges. I was so slow last weekend because I insisted on a sight picture even though some of the targets were barely beyond bayonet range. (If this scope is true to form, it'll quit in mid-stage so I won't be cheating using the illuminated T-Dot reticle.) If the scope doesn't quit, I might shoot the SOCOM at Catctus more often (and shoot up all the steel-tipped stuff I can't shoot at matches using steel).

Oh, yeah, I have no idea where the scope is gonna shoot. It doesn't allow use of the iron sights, but appears to be centered, at least in traverse.


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