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Monday, January 16, 2006

Cut! Refresh the Pudding! More Pudding!

Just as Ace was lamenting the over-promotion of gay-themed flicks out of Hollywood, I thought to check the Tucson Film Office's site to see if any extra or PA jobs are coming up. The only project looking for PAs? Gay Bed & Breakfast Of Terror. I shit you not. That's the name. I don't know whether my one-night's gofer work on Hallmark's DreamKeeper was credited, but I don't want to start off my skimpy resume with a head-cheesy title like that. There seems to be a lot of indie gay-themed films shot in Tucson; more than the Hollywood average, I'll bet.

PAs will be housed on location if they would rather not drive back and forth [from the 90 min. drive from Tucson-- ed.]. There is no pay, but great onset experience, credit, and meals on location. Our production can work around some schedules - if PAs are only available some days of the shoot we will still consider them. We do need PAs to be available the ENTIRE day they are available however. PAs should be comfortable working on a gay-themed film. We're looking for PAs in the following departments:

Makeup/Prosthetic Effects
General Production Assistants
I'd be doing the GPA thing (anywhere else)...I wonder if prosthetics includes strap-ons? No, I really don't wanna know. Yup, I'm passing on this job. Call me a homophobe if you must, but only if you stipulate that -phobe means fear, not hate. I have a hard enough time stepping out the door to go shopping sometimes; I definitely don't need to try to work somewhere that will creep me out. Yeah, I know that the actors might not even be gay themselves...don't mess with my reasons for sleeping in 'til noon!!


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