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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cox & Forkum Beat Me to it

That's why they get the big bucks.

"'During Clinton’s first year in office,' writes (the U.S. Marines) Lt. Col. Tom McKenney in the (1994) book, 'The Clinton Chronicles,' 'an incident occurred which was buried by the news media.'

'The occasion was a departure for a state function, a routine operation,' Col. McKenney writes. 'Vehicles were lined up outside the White House... Young Chelsea Clinton, like everyone else, was assigned a specific sedan.' But when Chelsea was about to get into her limo, she turned around and declared: 'I won’t ride in this car! There’s a military man in here, and I don’t ride with military men!'

The 'military man' happened to be a senior U.S. officer. Being a gentleman, however, he quietly got out of the car and found another ride.

In a separate incident, Chelsea asked her young Marine security escort to wear civilian clothes in the future. 'My family doesn’t like military people,' she explained.

Where, do you suppose, the 'young Chelsea' acquired such attitudes? At her home, of course.

And those are the two women (Hillary and Chelsea) whom President Clinton sent in March (1996) to boost the morale of our troops in Bosnia? That’s like sending 'Hanoi Jane' to cheer up U.S. troops in Vietnam'!"


I've also heard similar anecdotes from a friend who worked in the WH Communications Office.


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