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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Flag Must Rise

September 11.
This used to be a normal date. Time to start fretting over a birthday present for my sister, celebrate the eve of my enlistment, time to put another bronze booger on my longevity ribbon.... Then *BOOM* the date 9/11 claims more significance than the Porshe model or even the emergency services phone number.

It was mere coincidence that I started this blog on that date last year. I had 3 days earlier quit my job and suddenly had a lot more blog-reading time on my hands. In no hurry to start school (still ain't), I gave Blogspot a try, just in time to add my tiny voice to the political discourse before the most important election in our history. This is not a political blog, although it reflects my views; this blog is dedicated to fun. Originally, the "Saloon, Humidor, and Shooting Gallery" (for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), the Humidor disappeared when I quit smoking and has been replaced with other symbolic words at my whim.

On this day of National Reflection, stop by the Smokehouse to pick out some beef jerky for our troops, get the rust out of yer hogleg at the Shootin Gallery, then at the proper time of day (for me, after 4pm or noon on weekends) raise a glass to our troops and first reponders at the Saloon. Here's mud in yer eye!


  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger Da Goddess said…

    Raising a glass to our heroes and to those whose lives were claimed by zealots and lunatics.

    May we never forget.


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