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Monday, August 08, 2005


Had a great weekend! Did a gaming session with Jon's family (we're all D&D geeks) and chowed down on some great cooking (I didn't even have room for dessert!). Fortunately, there was some crumbcake left over for lunch after the match.

The rare same-night results posting is becoming even more rare, but that's okay. I'm certain Jon crushed me in all three disciplines, but carbine was the only weapon we fired in the same category. Jon has a Bushie Shorty which he feeds with a C-Mag (100-round drum magazine). I've got a Redi-Mag, so I only lost a second and change in my reload. Jon was shooting a beauty of a custom .45 in Limited 10 while I shot, no contest. In riotgun, Jon went to his Benelli semi-auto, while I (fed up with my balky Rem. 870 composite gun) put the rifle sight barrel and a mag extension on my beautiful First Gun, the 870 with shiny wood furniture. I was a bit more slow there, too, naturally.

Update: Next-day score posting is good! Kudos to the stat crew! Jon took first place in Carbine (out of six gunners) and I took third! right behind Mr. Two-Scope Grand Master Spacegunner. I'm stoked...behind me were two Masters and a D Class shooter. There were seven riotgunners on the way-cool assault stage and two M/GM space-gunners (with 10+1 magazines) finished ahead of Jon and me (woohoo!) which means my First Gun and I shot faster than three other shooters! These were new guys and I was closer to them than to Jon in points. I'm happy with the First Gun; I'm now leary of defacing it by adding the six-shell, side-car shellholder that's currently on the Black 870. It would have sped up my reloading a bit. I think I'll pattern it at the local range soon; I missed the first mini-popper at close range. Let that be a lesson to those who think you can't miss with a shotgun! Below is a pic of part of the assault stage (it doglegs to the right, ending with a Texas Star). Jon knocked down both mini-poppers with one shot, as all the good shooters did, I'm sure. The paper targets were for pistol use only.

Oh, yeah...Revolver. Once again, I was the only Wheelgunner playing, but I wasn't exactly at the very bottom of the Cactus Match food chain this time. I placed ahead of two "C" Production gunners, one D Limited, and one Unclassified shooter.


  • At 4:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    D&D + ferrerts! I would think that "The Beastmaster would be on your favorite movies list...

  • At 3:26 PM, Blogger Cowboy Blob said…

    Jon IS the Beastmaster! He has two ferrets, two dogs, and two horses.


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