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Sunday, July 31, 2005

American Eats

Today, the History Channel is showing "More American Eats," whereby I learned the difference between barbeque (long time, low heat) and grilling (the only way to cook steak). I haven't fired up the grill all have no idea how much effort that would involve. First, I'd have to clean the house enough that guests would not be repelled by my hermit lair, then I must get my propane tank refilled (yes, this heretic doesn't fuss with charcoal), and scrub the grill. I'd have a find the rare weekend when Jon can come down or when Lisa the Biker Chick isn't working...or get out the tupperware, cause I'll be eating BBQ or steaks all week to make it worthwhile. I've never done ribs before...I'd have to do that on a solo try, since I don't like experimenting on guests. I do steak well enough and I've had rave reviews on my marinaded chicken (maybe they were just being polite).

Hmmm...I've got that jumbo pack of Polish sausage to use....


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