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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tale of Three Riflemen

I started first. Fortunately I had the utmost faith in my Trijicon Reflex II optics, especially since all the non-platform targets required headshots. The shooting ports provided a nice rest with which to stabilize my gun. Lots of shooters didn't use them...their loss. I finished within a second of the winning shooter, but a single miss would drop me into third place. Do I sound disappointed? Woohoo!

Jon continued his love affair with The Boomer and his scores suffered for it. Of course, the stage had a silly premise...three shots to each target, including the headshot targets, even if you're shooting major caliber like Jon. The extra mag change and the recoil ate into Jon's time such that he fell to 9th out of 11 shooters. Methinks he'll be bringing forth his slick AR with 100-round C-mag next match.

Wayne, Jon's older brother, is Jon's equal (and sometimes superior) with a rifle, and he'd brought the optimum equipment (Mmmmm...Holosight) to speed through this course. He finished a second ahead of me, but had no misses and even beat out the Master class spacegunner who came in seond.

I was at the bottom of the stack in pistol, but I was again the only Revolver shooter. This might be my last revo match because of my catastrophic first stage. A cylinder full of Wolf ammo refused to eject while I had a second array left to engage. I fixed it by jarring the clip out with a cleaning rod and using only brass ammo later, but the only stuff I have left at home is Wolf, which my BoG seems to consume with no problem. Limited 10 here I come!

I sucked supremely in riotgun as well, but Jon acquitted himself well, considering he was shooting a Remington 870 pump. Methinks the automatics will return soon.


  • At 9:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    AWESOME, BROS! Home and country defense to the max. TOWEL-HEADS! TAKE NOTE PLEASE AT YOUR OWN PERIL!


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