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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Can't Gitmo Satisfaction

I'm one of the few people in my slice of the political spectrum who is all in favor of closing down the Guantanamo Bay Country Club for Terrorists. My method of closure? Military tribunals and firing squads. If the tribunal finds an AQ detainee guilty of being an unlawful combatant, march Achmed to the wall, offer him a cigarette and a blindfold, and let a squad of Marines perforate his mortal remains in front of the gathered detainees. Get the trial and execution on film and distribute to the terrorist's home country. Offer clemency only if the the detainee coughs up the names and locations of the big fish in their organization, resulting in a kill or capture.

But some don't have the stomach for this.


  • At 3:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Right on CB, I've done a couple of posts about that myself, most recently after I finished reading a book about the 2nd SS Pz. Div/Das Reich's march thru southern France to Normandy. (Link whoring):

    In a purely techincal aspect, the US has the right to execute civilains carrying weapons on the field of battle. I'm sure it would relieve Andrew Sullivan's or that asshat Dick Durbin's angst about cold AC making Michael Moore's buddies' tootsies cold or being forced to play naked Twister.

  • At 9:19 AM, Blogger H2SO4 said…

    I’m sure there would be plenty of volunteers for that shooting detail. I’d like to see Dick Durbin get to see first hand what these psychos would do to him if he were their prisoner. Cold tootsies and tile floors would be the least of his worries, And we’d have one less asshat in congress..


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