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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saturday Furniture

I had intended to end the Furniture Show yesterday, but since I missed the Carnival, I may as well show you my other Chinese SKS, a Type 56 made at Factory 636 in 1973 (according to's FAQ). My other one is a Factory 206 jobbie made in 1970...the factory numbers mean nothing to Western collectors because the Chinese are very tightlipped about their military production. Unlike my plastic-stocked model, this one has no stamping in English identifying 7.62x39, Made in China by Norinco, or Imported by So-and-so. I'd taken the spike bayonet off years ago and reattached it for this picture. I think I'll leave it on.

The buttstock features a spring-loaded capsule containing a field-cleaning kit. When I bought it, it came with a canvas chest bandolier made for holding clips of ammo. I have no use for it, but it's hung around with the rifle for 20-odd years, so it might as well look cool in a picture. I'm sure Head could do better, but I'm trying!


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