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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Military Quotes

Less Anger...More Grabass

1. "The 'L' in CENTCOM stands for leadership
2. "At this Command, we have written in large, black letters: DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) on the back of our security badges." Maj (CENTCOM)
3. "'Leaning forward' is really just the first phase of 'falling on your face.'" Marine Col (MARFOREUR)
4. "I am so far down the food chain that I've got plankton bites on my butt."
5. "None of us is as dumb as all of us." Excerpted from a brief (EUCOM)
6. "We're from the nuke shop, sir. We're the crazy aunt in the closet that nobody likes to talk about ..." Lt Col (EUCOM) in briefings
7. "Things are looking up for us here. In fact, Papua-New Guinea is thinking of offering two platoons: one of Infantry (headhunters) and one of engineers (hut builders). They want to eat any Iraqis they kill. We've got no issues with that, but State is being anal about it." LTC (JS) on OIF coalition-building.
8. "The chance of success in these talks is the same as the number of "R's" in "fat chance..."" GS-15 (SHAPE)
9. "His knowledge on that topic is only power point deep..." MAJ (JS)
10. "Ya know, in this Command, if the world were supposed to end tomorrow, it would still happen behind schedule." CWO4 (EUCOM)

Thanks to Scottish Tanker Hooligans, go there for many more.


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