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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Three Gun Fest

One of the many rules of armed combat: when entering a gunfight, bring a long gun. And preferably, a friend with a long gun.

Terry Allison, Chairman of the Cactus Combat Match League, announced today that the League is adding a 3-Gun match format that will apparently be held on third fourth Sundays. Terry mentioned he's trying to introduce the league's Thursday night shooters to the 3-Gun game. In doing so, he's giving us loyal long gunners a chance to play 3-Gun for real, instead of repeating handgun stages with carbine and riotgun. Today was the first stab at it and it went well, despite the light turnout. Terry commissioned stages for each gun type and two stages using all three.

Jon, my friend with a long gun, and I are two of the rare long gun freaks in the club and we plonked our Jacksons down for the full course of fire. Dumb ole me brought the S&W 625 that I hadn't fired in five years, while Jon brought the Glock he's shooting in March's three-day Superstition 3-Gun. At least I brought the riotgun and carbine I intend to shoot in the Big One.

Oh, yeah...I hadn't fired the revo in five years. Amazing how I could forget about the recoil. I've got to toughen up the skin between my forefinger and thumb. The stages were great and one of them was even sixgun-friendly. Luckily, round count was relatively low compared to the pistol matches. By the final pistol stage, I quickly blasted down all the steel with only one miss (not critical since I had to reload once more anyway). I told Jon, "THAT'S why I went back to Revo!" I could have shot it faster with my Glock, but this was very satisfying.

My daylong nemesis was the "Texas Star," five dropping steel plates attached to five spokes radiating from a central hub...initially at rest, the star spins as the heavy plates fall from one of the spokes. Overall, we did a lot of shooting with very little waiting. I likened it to a five-ring circus. We certainly had fun and I look forward to the next time, scheduled for April (Cactus' schedule is hogtied by the cowboy action guys' Winter Range in February and Easter in March).

Methinks I'll submit a few stage designs to the Course of Fire Committee soon and hope to see more big gun bags next time.

Update: Whoohoo! Results posted! I was bottom of the match list, but I was the only Revo Shooter. Placed second out of four Carbiners, though, so that's all right. Jon kicked ass, as I expected.


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