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Saturday, January 22, 2005

The History Channel Rocks!

Watched First Invasion: The War of 1812 tonight for the first time. I was well aware of the heroism of Dolly and James Madison (the only US President to command troops in the field while in office) but never knew a hurricane struck Washington DC after the Brits burned it...and a tornado tore into the redcoats dealing more damage than the DC Militia (who "ran like sheep before dogs").

An American sniper picked off General Ross, leader of the invasion. Hoo-rah! Men of stronger stuff inhabited Maryland in those days. Rockets bursting in air, indeed! Our National Anthem might be composed of one long question, but the answer was "Yes!" and that's made all the difference.

Wasn't surprised that some New England wienies considered secession in opposition to the war...some things never change.

Andy Jackson kicked ass! Never saw a better description of the Battle of New Orleans. Cue Johnny Horton's song!

I also loved the The Presidents marathon that the HC put on during Inauguration Week. This is a great country. The HC also showed The French Revolution on the same night. Contrast and compare.


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