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Monday, October 18, 2004

Rock Quack?

No, ROK WAC. Or the Japanese idealized Korean female soldier. I don't read Japanese, but I know anime cheesecake gun pr0n when I see it. The caption describes the weapon she's holding and other unintelligible (to me) Japanese things. The site maintains this disclaimer in English:
I has no sympathies with any Nazi Faascist or other neo political/military parties past or present.

Elsewhere, on the page marked joshi, you get a menu of unlabeled thumbnails which I painstakingly investigated on my slow dial-up connection. A taste:
Tobira holds a Type 64 assault rifle.
Geckou is flying an RC model plane.
Taiki is armed with an AK-74.
Sweet Midori holds up an M-16. Check out the doofus behind her.
Asakura sports a Minimi squad automatic weapon.
Bikini-clad Chou holds a Remington XP-100 used by the DEA.
Ryouhei has a stick-grenade in her web belt.
Vietnum (not her name?) holds an AR-18
Sitotu gets all medieval with a Janaese katana.

There are several more rows of thumbnails featuring more weapons and uniform styles, including WWII Afrika Korps and JASDF. My well of generosity is parched now. Check out the rest yourself.


  • At 11:51 PM, Blogger Nathan said…

    ...I wish they all could be California girls.......


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