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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Looking Any Better?

Today, I played around with my Blogger settings, nuked my manual blog roll and added Blogrolling code and Ecosystem ranking (now that I have one). It should be easier to add comments now. Now, if I could only add some content--like watching the Yankees game is going to give me any ideas!

Last night's ballgame was much more entertaining than the VP debate; it's never fun when you know who's going to win. I couldn't bear to see the Rottweiler disembowel the Preschooler. On the other hand, I surfed between the Prez debate and the AF/Navy game last week and saw a more even match on either sides. Not that I think Kerry has a kleagle's chance in Compton of winning; I'll take substance over style any day. That's enough from me on the subject; head on over to Bill Whittles place. He says it better than I ever could.


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