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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Wow, I've got a Reader!

Kevin, from The Smallest Minority, has posted this blog's inaugural comment! If you're a reader of gunblogs, you already know Kevin's work and his offer to introduce any newly hoplo-curious Tucsonans to the hobby of shooting, free of charge. You'd think Kevin and I would know each other by now because we live in the same small city and we're both enthusiasts (Nope, I've never even commented on his blog, so I have no idea how he came to visit). One factor in our never meeting is the exceptionally wide variety of shooting disciplines and venues available to southern Arizonans. Kevin is a club officer at the Tucson Rifle Club near Three Points...I think he does pistol silhouette. I've been roadtripping up to the awesome Ben Avery Shooting Facilty north of Phoenix since I first moved here to shoot in the Cactus Combat Match League's monthly USPSA* events (it helps to have friends that live in Phoenix). I also do the Pima Pistol Club's 3-Gun Tactical Match in Catalina, but they only hold those whenever a month has a fifth Sunday that doesn't fall on a holiday weekend or a club officer's birthday. (No link for you!)

Another reason we haven't met is that I'm extremely non-social (and lazy)...I've been aching to try Cowboy Action Shooting for years, but never summoned the gregarity to show up at the range alone and try to join somebody's posse. And this was back when a club was shooting at the nearby Desert Trails private range; they've since moved to the far-off TRC. I even bought my shooting buddy some cowboy duds for Christmas...but he moved to Phoenix afterwards!

So, what's the point of all this? Kevin's apparently never tried 3-gun before, but wants to try. Here's where Karma may be coming around to reward Kevin for his generous offer...I'm willing to provide the equipment and ammo (if that's what he's lacking) at a TRC or Ben Avery match so he can try it. He'll have to handle his own range fees, since I'm a bit underemployed at the moment.

*USPSA = US Pistol Shooting Assoc. The Cactus matches aren't really 3-Gun, but they let one pistol stage double as a carbine stage, and another to double as a riotgun stage.


  • At 11:42 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    I came by way of your blogroll. You show up on Technorati as linking to The Smallest Minority. I was, of course, curious.

    I won't be an officer at TRC after December - I'm not running for office again, and I won't be running the IHMSA (pistol silhouette) matches next year either. I'm taking a break, at least. Hopefully I'll have more time to actually go shooting.

    As for 3-gun, I have a scoped AR (3.5-10X on a heavy-barreled carbine), a Mossy 590, and a Kimber Classic Stainless .45. Unfortunately, I think I'm short on equipment such as a proper belt holster and mag pouches. What else do I need?

    I'm on vacation this week. On the agenda for tomorrow is a trip to the TRC to do some 200 yard plinking with my 6.5 Swede and maybe my AR.

    Oh, and I'm a relatively asocial individual myself, believe it or not.


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