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Monday, September 13, 2004

The Vocally Ignorant

Just surfing over at the Spoons Experience...will have to blogroll soon. Commenter Mike's Opinion launched into a rant over private ownership of "the AK-47 or the Uzi" without even knowing the so-called "Assault Weapon" Ban did not even address fully automatic weapons. I can't blame him for this ignorance, because he probably gets his news from CBS or CNN.

Once Spoons corrected him, however, Mike still couldn't see why I should be allowed to have a semi-auto AK-47. My response:

Oh, what the heck.

What do I need with a semi-auto AK-47? Nothing! But I want one! And since I'm free to buy one in this country, I will! And use it in a law-abiding fashion, either in sanctioned competition, or plinking tin cans at the dump.

Mike Mode:

Do you own a sports car or SUV? What does anyone need with one of those?!? In today's society, everyone should own fuel-efficient, compact cars, and the money we save should be given to people who can't afford cars. Do you live in a big house?!? How can that be allowed? Everybody should be moved into communal housing with the government-recommended minimum floorspace. The money you save will be spent on people who can't afford housing.

End Mike Mode:

Hey, Mike...what do you need with TWO kidneys?



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