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Monday, September 20, 2004

Ferret Blogging

Updated with pix: Spent "Talk Like a Pirate" Day fending off the carpet sharks and cleaning up poop. My two little guys, Lenny (top) and Squiggy (bottom) are already the same size as my departed jill, Gracie, but still as rambunctious as the day they came home with me a couple of months ago. They have the run of my reloading room; they defend my dusty Dillon press from all intruders who fail to give them raisins. They're haphazard about using the litterboxes, but I put down enough newspaper in the likely areas. Squiggy is the cuddly one, except when he's wound up on ferret adrenaline. Lenny is the explorer, the first to climb to the window sill and try to pull down the blinds.


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