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Saturday, September 18, 2004

At the Gun Show

Went to the gun show at the Convention Center this afternoon, hoping to find some post-ban bargains. What was I thinking?!? Obviously, the merchants had no intention of slashing prices on inventory, which is undertandable IF they bought the stuff at mid-ban prices. I'm probably joining a lot of folks eagerly waiting for the manufacturers to get the supply going. Sorry, I'm not paying $75 for a pistol magazine again.

Felt a slight twitch around the AR kits...I don't need one, but M-4 clones are so cool. I'd rather get one in 9-mm, but there were none in sight. The only hole in my collection is a reliable .308 battle rifle--something I can shoot in "He-Man Class." Three-Gun doesn't have a "Girley Man Class" (9-mm/.223/20 gauge), thank heavens.

At least I ran into my friend Lisa, the Biker Chick. She was charming some merchant down for a holster and wallet...had that shopper's tunnel vision so I just stood next to her for 2 minutes. Happened last show too. Maybe it's just me.


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