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Friday, October 03, 2008


A college film project is having a casting call tomorrow. Dusted off my weak-ass resume. Who knows, they just might need a fat old guy?

Update: As a matter of fact, they do need a fat old guy! I went in for a reading and did okay after flubbing the first lines. Guess I had to get warmed up. The kids running the casting call said I did well, but I'll bet they're taught to say that.

Too bad I don't speak Spanish... I mean, yeah, I can read Spanish, but sound like a native? Aniyo, Haksaeng! They seemed impressed that I could speak Korean... too bad the damned college wasn't. I got no credits for all the Korean training I've received (36 credit hours from Basic Korean alone) -- and I only need six credit hours of Social Studies for this degree!



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