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Monday, October 01, 2007


Both Piter and I ended up using Jon's Benelli; Piter because (I suspect) his Rem1100 had an O-ring casualty, myself a casualty of Can't Remember Sh*t. I'd brought along my Bushy Shorty for Piter's use and I couldn't count higher than two...long gun cases. Since I never loaded from Jon's side-saddle before, I was surprised how hard the shells were to pull out...I ended up reloading from my bandoleer and good-naturedly accused Jon of mashing the shells way down to slow down my time.

Strangely, Piter had never practiced prone shooting before, but he acquitted himself well on the long-range steel stage. Helps to have a quality carbine dialed-in right...and the steel targets weren't that hard to hit, even without magnified optics.

I had a five-second penalty (FTN) on each of the first three stages... and fully expected to score the quadrafecta of Doh's, but I shot the final hoser carbine stage cleanly.

Throughout the match, my Nemesis Russell and I monitored each other's progress...I squeaked in two places (and 3 seconds) ahead of him. Another ACTS buddy Aaron placed fourth (and 18 secs.) ahead of me -- in the money, too! I think Aaron's gonna have to be my new Nemesis. No hard feelings, Russell?



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