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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Woo Who?

In honor of our South Korean friends running away from Afghanistan like a stripe-assed ape at the request of the Taliban, I've resolved to bring out my Daewoo products to next week's ACTS match to remind myself and everyone that Korean once made pretty decent small arms and weren't afraid to use them.

I hope I won't need more than the two 13-round DP51 mags on any one stage. I hear that S&W Model 59 mags work, but I ain't buying any for a pistol I shoot once every 10 years (okay, I think it was '95 when I brought the Woo from MD to an AZ camping/shooting trip). What's funny is that I've had a Galco Federal paddle holster for even longer than that, but it didn't fit the gun the dealer said it did. It fell deep into the junk box until I tried the Woo51 in it this week...close enough for Korean Government work! Also dug out a single Galco mag pouch I got from Jon years ago...perfect fit!

The September ACTS match is supposed to have a strong 9-11 motif, so that's appropriate since I was in Korea on 9-11-2001.

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  • At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The South Koreans wimped!?!? They actually have a pretty badass military, some freaking HARD troops. As I recall. What HAPPENED to them?


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