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Monday, May 14, 2007

Scores are Up!

I finished third out of 18 finishers! That's like a Bronze Medal! It's funny that the stage I shot the best (9 points better than squadmate Aaron and about 20 points better than the rest of the pack) was the one where my fat old ass had to run the most...and on the last stage we shot on a very hot day! My Plan was that there was really only one target I needed to shoot after a lot of running...everything else could be dispatched at long range from cover.

The long-medium-short steel stage was another separator...I had the 4th fastest score there, despite having to waddle downrange after RO'ing several shooters ahead of me. I also had the second best score at the Bad Town Cafe, the stage we shot second! Hopefully, I can carry this Mojo forward!


Oh, yeah, Desert Cat and Daisy Cat finished 16th and 17th, respectively; the Lady Cat was saved from the Anchor position by a shooter (equipped with optics) who seemed determined to suck up quite a lot of penalties. Thank heavens for silver linings.

Update: I guess we weren't the only undocumented journalists there, after all! Somebody in another squad posted an article to AfterAction.Net --neat stuff!

Psst...hey, mister! Shooting with your elbows on the table is not good use of cover -- it's also bad table manners. (The stage stipulated that the table was tipped forward to provide cover, but the PPC didn't want us slamming their tables around.)



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