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Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Tactical Rifle Goodness

At Desert Cat's Paradise

No wonder everybody wanted to be on the Blogger Squad...we had all the cameras! And we gave the ACTS Poobahs a chance to critique our performance. Oh, no, we're allowing people to ground firearms! And we suck at using cover! Yeah, there are some ugly growing pains for myself as a shooter and RSO in this new format, as well as all the other shooters. Fortunately, bloggers aren't bashful about airing our boo-boos on the Internet. I could re-edit my own movie and point out everything I did wrong (and the RSO didn't correct), but I'm lazy...and on dial-up, so I'll just watch our movies and learn, and offer DC and Daisy-Cat whatever advice I can from the Sunday Morning RSO point of view.

Academically, I know most of this stuff, but when the start clock goes beep, adrenaline and tunnel-vision kicks in. That's why it's good to have a Plan (call it Gaming, if you will). These movies let me see in hindsight how good the Plan was and how well I stuck to it. These and D-Cats' movies let me critique my RSO skills...this format requires me to be more aggressive to encourage/demand use of cover.

When Desert Cat dropped his magazine on the long-range rifle run-and-gun, I picked it up and followed. I purposefully let him squirm looking for it before I handed it over so he could finish. As an RSO, I could have let him take FTE penalties for all of his remaining targets, but that would be cruel. Instead, now he's got vividly emotional memory marker on the importance of securing his mags (hopefully he'll invest in some mag pouches) but still got to do some shooting. My own troubles stem from my Redi-Mag failing...I might just take that sucker off; fortunately I didn't need the spare mag, being the awesome tack-driving sniper I was momentarily :)

Hopefully, future match video will show less fault to ACTS oficiandos...but I'll probably have to take a few months off. It's getting freakin' hot out there and this format requires a lot of movement (especially since I keep getting drafted as an RSO).



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