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Monday, April 02, 2007

DPMS SMM3G After Action Report

In contrast to Jon, I sucked. In contrast to last year, I improved! Instead of finishing last out of 40 Heavy Metal gunners as I did in '06, this year I finished #17 out of 20 HM and #162 out of 231 finishers in Match Points! That means I missed a lot more opportunities to suck than did 69 other shooters.

Besides being fat, old, and slow, I have a lot of trouble internalizing the rapid, clockwork movements and actions required to be a top 3-Gunner. I shot our first and last stages cleanly, if not quickly, but mental and physical errors slowed me down everywhere else. On top of that, I started losing faith in my equipment: the SOCOM's bolt developed an occasional reluctance to close all the way on it own, BoG's last round nose-up jam hosed me on a stage, and even the 870 refused to cycle twice until a bump of the butt on the ground racked it open.

Even with all those bad things happening, the weather was great, I met lots of nice people, I had a lot of FUN, and I wasn't disqualified! The Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, host of the DPMS Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun Match, put on a great event. Last year's bad weather and word of this year's entry lottery probably scared away some participants.

Show some love to the sponsors! DPMS donated a .223 rifle as the Banquet Grand Door Prize and an LR-308 as a raffle grand prize. Maybe I'll show them more love if/when I get their frakking BoG lower to work!

Other sponsors I'm personally thankful for:

ProMag (Traded a Springfield T-Shirt for a Ruger Mini-14 magazine)
Howard Leight Hearing Protection
Frost Cutlery ("Chigger" folding knife)
Springfield Armory (beverage cozy)
Montana Gold Bullets ($100 towards a case) plus a sample!
Sportsman's Warehouse ($10 gift cert.)
An AR front sight adjustment tool
UniqueTek, Inc. (Powder Bar Kit)
Cavalry Arms (letter opener...heh)
Brownells (Friction Defense gun oil)
Novum (Pain reliever...don't know if it works, but it smells good! )
Hogue (Grip Sleeve)
Grams Engineering (SV/STI follower kit and $50 gift cert.)
VLT0R (Carbine Grrr.... Modstock)

and Robert Goettel Productions (Instructional CD in the Shooters' Bag)


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