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Friday, April 06, 2007

Damned Embarrassing

Piter tipped me off that they've got a gunsmith on staff (at the Marksman Institute) who'd be willing to look at my Remmie 1100, so I brought that in, plus some pistols I was willing to sacrifice on the Altar of Liquidity. Turns out they don't sell on consignment since the New Year. Waah.

On a mixed note, the smith racked open the Remmie and dry-fired it...and from across the shop I could tell the sound of the hammer falling...what the *(&^*)???? I'd just dry-fired it this morning and got nothing but trigger movement--no hammer action!! Well, that saved me some bucks...for now. But then, do I trust it?

Some of you have been waiting for a Range Report on BoG2, my POF-USA gas piston upper atop a user-assembled DPMS lower. I finally took it to the range today to learn that the feeding problem is NOT fixed. It works okay on the bottom half of the mags I was using, but it did not like full mags at all. Zeroing it at 25 yards, it shot so high that when I adjusted the front sight, the post almost screwed right out of the upper. Gotta order some extra-high posts from my DPMS catalog. At least I've got the EOTech sighted in so that I needn't take BoG2 to the range again just to sight in the iron sights. On second thought: maybe I should get a same BUIS POF uses...could be a tad lower.

Tomorrow, I head out into the desert for more function testing. I split up my Bushmaster Shorty; the upper will see if the DPMS lower still sucks on another platform, and the lower will ensure the POF upper works as flawlessly as it did with Jon's Bushy lower. I'll also put a box of shells through the 1100.

Today at the range, I wrung out my Glock 22 with the re-manx stuff my Para didn't like. I sure shot sloppy after shooting a 1911 (Para and BoG) last year!


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