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Friday, March 14, 2014

Clothes Whores

"Clothes Whores" got an unofficial Honorable Mention at the Almost Famous Film Festival; Unofficial because they offered it to us -- another Tucson HM team bowed out of the showing because the Phoenix show time was 5pm. Well, DUH, we couldn't make that either on a Thursday night.

Instead, I premiered it at the local First Friday Shorts, where by applause ranking we came in Second behind a college homosex flick supported by the director's whole fraternity.  I didn't mind too much missing out on the Money prize... I enjoyed the audience's reaction and heard a good portion of the audience cheering for our film. 

The bedroom shown is actually my office/guest room (you can see my name on some of the plaques).  Rather than girlie it up or sanitize it, I thought it would be funnier if left as is, sword collection and all.

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