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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In the Shooting Gallery: Shooting Video not Guns

Photo by David Wing
This weekend, I'm leading Team Cowboy Blob in the 10th Annual Almost Famous Film Festival 48-Hour Film Festival.  I'm no greenhorn in this rodeo, but this is my first ride as sole Producer.  I've got two returning crew and recruited two more I met during the shooting of "Dead Meat."  I look forward to working with my cast, so far consisting of two talented lady friends/actresses with whom I've worked previously.

The weekend after that, I'll be crew and minor cast for "McBride," the prequel to Gerry Gilbert's award-winning Western short "Blackwood."  We're shooting out at Gammon's Gulch again, so I'm sure it'll look great.

After that, gotta try to finish the Binker Movie "Ready When You Are, CB."

Beyond that, I've got three shorts in the queue to produce before I even think of writing another one... unless they don't get done by summer.  I ALWAYS use the summer road trip drive to brainstorm a script for the Pima College Advance Cinematography class.  That and the summer Binker Movie.

Last year's 72-Hour "One Script Challenge" Movie here.

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    It's good to work both sides of the camera.



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